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25th October 2012

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I would like to address the subtle awesomeness of this Tweet.  Barrowman doesn’t generally use the term ‘husband’ when referring to male partners of men—this makes sense considering his 2005 statement to The Herald:

"People keep asking me if I’m going to [get married]. The answer is no…[T]here is organised religion that says gay men and women are wrong, bad, evil – whatever you want to call it. So why would I want a ‘marriage’ from a belief system that hates me?"

Recent goings on in the Scottish government—see: they were talking seriously about the legalisation of same-sex marriages but got hardcore cock-blocked but he Catholic Church—have irked a few /prominent figures/.

The gist of the story goes thusly: Cardinal O’Brien decided it was acceptable to say mean things about gays and lesbians, so everyone’s favourite sci-fi super gay was rightly miffed.  In a brief interview with the Scottish Sun in July, Barrowman explained that he and his long-time partner had decided not to call their union a marriage because “it seemed to upset the Church”.  He then went on to say what boiled down to ‘I don’t care what you think, I’m digging my heels in and thinking about a date’.  His exact words were:

"I’ve changed my mind and marriage is something [Scott and I] would consider.

The reason? When somebody is telling you that you cannot do something, when somebody is spewing vile rhetoric and calling us a threat to heterosexuality, it’s time to take a stand.

And we decided if that means getting married, then that’s fine.

We want to have the choice to get married.”

Other than generating the most wonderful headline ever (John Barrowman: I’d Wed My Man to Shut Up the Bigots), this surprisingly drastic change of heart on the part of someone widely regarded as a voice for the UK LGBT community marks the end of ‘gentleman’s war’ phase of fighting for equal treatment.  If Captain Jack is ready to dig his heels in on the issue and abandon the niceties in dealing with the archaic notions of an organised religionto which he is tied, that should give the rest of us the resolve to stand our ground across the pond.

I leave with the sentiment that “[these people] should not be allowed to speak as they do. And if they do I and others should be allowed to stand up and tell them that they are ignorant bigots.”

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